B14 Screening

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Walker 210
Friday, Aug 05, 3:30pm - 5:15pm
Dancing on a Volcano (Steven Ross, 37 min), River Planet (Melinda Levin, 30 min)

Dancing on a Volcano (37 min)
Steven Ross, University of Memphis
Respondent: Joonhee Park, Wheaton College

The film depicts a weekend in the life of a Memphis real estate agent, a woman in her mid- forties who gamely struggles to keep things afloat as a deluge of economic and social forces creates a rising tide of crises and confusion in her personal and professional life.

River Planet (30 min)
Melinda Levin, University of North Texas
Respondent: Beverly Thompson, Siena College

A meditation on 6 major world rivers (Ganges, Amazon, Rio Grande, Danube, Los Angeles and Mekong Rivers) and the communities and cultures that live on them.